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    Freddie Carter

    10/1 – 10/15 hoping to connect with Chris M for XXL Tshirt purchases ! Also hoping to paddle with you mooks… I realize that, that is a bad window for the Saint, butt perfect for the Russell Fork ! Juss a heads up…. Freddie

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    John Tansil

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …”

    Dates are entered in my calendar.  How about a RF trip on Oct 8-11 ?

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    I still have a mess o’ t-shirts with your name on them.  We’ll figure out something as the date of your return gets closer.

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    Steve Stilwell

    The Russell Fork in October – what could be better? Going with Freddie and the perfessor! Can I go please oh please?

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    jon serfas

    You’re gonna be here for my bday? What a guy. I could be up for a road trip.

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    Katie Shepard

    Freddie!  I sent you a PM!

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    if you came a few days earlier, you could go to GAF too!

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    Steve Stilwell

    Is the Russell Fork trip still being considered?

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    Freddie, Freddie, Bo-Beddie

    Bo-nana fana fo-reddie

    Fee fie mo-meddie, Freddie!

    Check your PMs.

    The shirts you asked for last year were:
    ’06 (tan) – one
    ’10 (blue/stone) – one
    ’12 (white) – two
    ’12 (blue stone) – one

    Besides those, we still have:
    ’12 (white) – two
    ’13 (salmon, not pink) – three
    ’15 (gray) – one – (the Perfesser already has one of these for you.)

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    Yo Freddy!

    What is your whereabouts? When will you be in STL?

    Cheers, CharlesL

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    Freddie Carter

    As yet to be determined. RF too far for this whirlwind trip. Perhaps tomorrow night for the TNR ? Gimme some idea when we could all hook up for dinner and cocktails. I have family obligations Thursday night. I am here until 10/15

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    Definitely come to TNR.  We will decide tomorrow where.  I have this great Dutch single speed cruiser you could use. :o)

    I was getting my hopes up for RF, and so was Nate.  Bummer.

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    Freddie Carter

    Perfesser Tansil is calling Jim and Doris to reserve a big site at Silvermines Riverside ! Saturday afternoon and camping Saturday night. Chris bring, or send Tee Shirts. Last chance for me to get together with my paddlin Homies…. Love to see old and new River homies !! Saint rules. No water, but plenty O paddlin stories will abound !!

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