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    in years past, group site was reserved for race judges.

    I was told there was a rumor that race volunteers/safety boaters would be using it this year?

    can someone clarify?

    (I might take firewood over for the volunteers)


    crazy jerry

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    Jerry – thanks for asking!  I’m sure folks would appreciate some firewood.

    MWA is providing the group site this year to judges and race volunteers as a quiet camping area for folks who have to get up early & meet at the race venue at 8:00 am (or earlier).  So the area is open & welcome to volunteers who are looking to camp out, be reasonably quiet and considerate of your neighbor campers, and are on an early to bed-early to rise schedule.

    In other words:  NO FUN IS ALLOWED!  🙂  While we have had some monumental parties at the group site in years & events past, that’s not intended for race weekend!  There are plenty of other camp sites who will be partying, and those who are looking for a party know where to find them (or make them)!  But if you are planning to party ’til 2, just stay there – don’t return to the group site & disturb sleeping folks.

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