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    Casara Heaton

    Hey all!

    We need to decide on a date for next years clinic. Easter will be on April 21st, so the best options are:

    • April 13-14
    • April 27-28

    Please respond below with your preference.  Also, if you are interested in helping to organize the event next year – please email [email protected] with your intentions.  We are looking for new people to take on this event in 2019, it requires at the very minimum 3 people – director, registrar and gear wrangler – but the more the merrier!

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    Sandy Angus

    I would vote for April 27-28.  Thanks!

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    I vote for April 27-28

    reason; Easter is April 21, that means that Palm Sunday is the 14th. Since some of the clinic classes do not get off of the river until suppertime on Saturday, and most groups meet up early on Sunday, a lot of folks that would like to attend a church of their choice would not be able to attend.

    ( I usually boat with my wife’s blessings- if I miss too much church, I don’t have her blessings. Means no boating)

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    Keith Carey

    I think the later date is better too. Us procrastinators don’t do taxes until the last possible weekend 🙂

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    Responses favored holding the clinic on the 4th weekend of April 2019, so it will be held the weekend of 27-28 April.

    Campground reservations have been made.

    Mark your calendars.

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