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    Matt Bliss

    Dan Bollinger and myself are hoping to run Crane tomorrow around 10ish if there’s enough water. Welcome to join the fun. Stouts, Saint or Lusk Creek in Southern Illinois as a backup plan.

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    im in. where are you gonna be meeting at?

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    Matt Bliss

    We were going to figure it out early in morning. I’d say for now 10 @D.

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    ok ill be there. dan has my number if anything changes. or post here. ill probably plan on camping for the weekend.

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    We decided to head to southern IL to lusk creek Friday. We’ll head to the Saint for the weekend.

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      Sheldon Dale

      I hope one of you has a GoPro.  I’d love to see some recent video of Lusk at a good level.  It’s a beautiful place.  I took some video of it several years ago, but it is very poor resolution.

      Watch for wood.  And watch out for the “Mother of All Strainers” just downstream from the canyon section.  If I remember correctly, there are two rocks the size of small houses in the middle of the creek that collect every log headed downstream.  There used to be a narrow chute on far river right to go through.

      Have fun! Be safe! Can’t wait for the trip report and (hopefully) video.

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    Crane should be running. I assume you know how to check the JT Gage. While you are in the area- check out Little Rock Creek.

    Be careful of wood.

    Please report.

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