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    I talked to Becky with the Forestry Service

    She was putting on an info gathering event for Crane Pond Lake. They are trying to get public input on what can and should be done; with what people like, want, don’t like, should be improved, what needs replaced because of theft or vandalized, etc. There is a big meeting to get public input on Thursday, July 12 at Arcadia Academy from 5 to 7 pm. She wants lots of people to get involved so that “the powers that be” can see that this is a used resource, and should not be abandoned. She said that next week, articles will be published in the local newspapers about the meeting and comment period (comments and suggestions can be made online, but I misplaced the contact info. -hopefully in article) I hope that someone can find and post link(s)

    on a different note, she apologized for still not having water at Silvermines.

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    since I don’t have time in my life for Facebook, could someone please put this on the MWA Facebook page???


    crazy jerry

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    I just posted it

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    Alan Peterson

    I plan to be there.  I hope there is a free box of donuts for the person who drives the farthest to the meeting.  It will be a five hour drive for me.

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    John Tansil


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    Of course Di and I will be there. If any of you out there have any thoughts or ideas about this, please post it here and let us know and we will relay the info.

    My thoughts center on the dam and what happens should they remove it. Do we get a longer stretch of whitewater? Or do we find that beautiful shut-in just below the dam clogged and ruined by man-made debris?

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