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      John Holdmeier
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      Hello everyone!

      It is shaping up to be a great couple of days for the clinic this weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone down there!

      A few things to note:

      – Instructors/Safety volunteers: If you have any extra gear/float bags/ helmets/paddles/pfds you are willing to lend to new paddlers this weekend it will be extremely appreciated that you bring it with you this weekend. I would never ask you to lend anything out you don’t feel comfortable letting someone borrow, but if you have a little extra gear for any students in your group it is easy to keep an eye on, always appreciated, and makes the whole weekend a better all around experience (remember to put your name in any gear you loan out).

      – Remember to bring water bottles, sunscreen, snacks and lunch for being out on the water all day. It is looking like it will be a nice weekend weather and water-wise…but remember to bring everything you may need to make sure everyone remains safe and comfortable.
      I will be located in the camp sites on river right down by the water if you need to find me Friday or during the weekend ( I can’t remember the number but same spot I was in last year).

      I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning!


      John H

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      Pam Huddleston
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      I am actually taking clinic this year in an open boat instead of my kayak so I am more than happy to loan a kayak to someone if needed, but I don’t want to haul it down there if no one needs it.  I actually have two kayaks both Pyranhas – one is a Karnali size medium and a Z.One size medium – I personally love the Karnali and am looking to sell the Z.One, I haven’t paddled it much but know I don’t care for it (just me).  So for a learning situation I think the Karnali would be best but I don’t know that much about boats and Billbo would be the best one to say which would be best for someone if they were interested.  I also have bags and skirt.  My paddle is a 196 30 degree offset, right hand control.  I am sure we have a couple extra life jackets as well.  Let me know if anyone would be interested and I can bring some stuff down, more than happy to help someone new get into boating!

      Thanks – Pam

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      Casey House
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      So I waited too long to reserve a camping spot for this weekend and the reserveamerica site (or whatever) will not let me book it because it is too close to the arrival date (this Friday).

      The number listed on the reserveamerica page for the project office does not work…

      So do I show up Friday night late and drive around until I find a place to put my camper???

      Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.


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      Camp site Taken

      I have reserved site 53 up top.  Someone has contacted me already and taken this site.


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