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      Dennis Jones
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      We had a good time Wednesday.

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      Looks fun Kanur,

      I didn’t see any posts about times or groups.

      I drove past, but didn’t know you guys were running it. Sorry I missed out.

      What was the level?

      Who were the  lucky boaters?

      call me if you can the next time you are thinking about creeks.

      crazy jerry

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      Freddie Carter
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      I really do miss the Castor most of all ! I do not miss those high speed runs down highway J all the way to Perryville with Crazee Jerry !

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      John Tansil
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      From the double-bladed paddle, looks like you let some kakers tag along with the canurs …. very gentlemanly of you 🙂

      I think that drop in the first pic has been the sight of much “rodeo” …. we won’t give any names!

      I hope you carried back for at least one more lap.

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      George and Rhonda Palmer
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      What section is this? Is this near the north parkling lot at Amidon?

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      Dennis Jones
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      Jerry, not sure of the level, the marks are worn off the pier. Somewhere between 1′ and 2′. Enough water to boof over the roostertail on the last drop but not enough to run the last drop on the left like this.

      JohnnyT, There’s not to many of us kanu’n creekers so we can’t be to picky. Ben and I did do a couple runs.

      georgenrhonda, yes this is through the shut in at Amidon.

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      Dennis Jones
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      Freddie, I’m pretty sure I heard the Castor calling:………..Freddie……..Freddie…………….

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