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      Aldara Henderson
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      Hello all. As a 501c-3 Non Profit organization, the MWA has a board of directors and 2023 is an election year! This is a call for nominations for our board of directors for the next 2-year term 2024-2026.

      We will take nominations for the next 2 weeks / ends July 26th.

      Please comment with your nominations for the following, we will reach out to see if the nomination is accepted before sending out an electronic ballot. The new board will be announced in Sept. at our annual picnic.

      – Current Nomination(s): Jo Jo Newbold
      Vice President:
      – Current Nomination(s): Mark Hromnack (current)
      – Current Nomination(s): Katie Leeker (current)
      Treasurer (assisted by Jim Warren)
      – Current Nomination(s): None
      Float Director
      – Current Nomination(s): Will Scherff (current)
      Member at Large
      – Current Nomination(s): Scott Becker (current)

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      Casara Heaton
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      Hey Aldara!

      I nominate Matt Ellis for the position as Treasurer

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      Mike Warren
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      I nominate Jerry “Crazy Jerry” Schafroth for the important office of “Member-at-Large”. I realize that Crazy Jerry has been reluctant to burst onto the political scene, but now is the time. If Crazy Jerry doesn’t win this election, then it musta been rigged. This ad paid for by: PiratesforCrazyJerry (contact Slim about upcoming Crazy Jerry campaign events).

      Thank you,

      Mike Warren

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      Casara Heaton
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      Thanks Mike Warren!

      Five Days left!

      Quick Update:

      • Matt Ellis has accepted the nomination for treasurer
      • Need Crazy Jerry to confirm his acceptance of nomination for Member at Large
      • Dan Prater has also been nominated for President
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      ?”member at large”?
      Have you seen me? I would think this would go to a large person?
      I would say Gordo, but when I saw him at the races, he was looking fit and lean.
      Beloved Freddie has passed, so that is another large member not to fill this position.
      I know that I am capable of eating as much as most large people. (share a pizza and find out)
      I guess that I could accept the nomination, and pretend to be a big person?
      Yeah, whatever.
      crazy jerry

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      Willow Ellis
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      Additional Nominations:

      President: Dan Prater
      VP: Devin Gates
      Members at Large #2: Randy Strong

      All have accepted nominations.

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