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      Curtis Ahlers

        Thinking of heading north instead of the Ocoee this labor day. Any one have any beta on the Wolf river, says its class 2-3. worth the drive?

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        John Tansil

          If you’re gonna do the Wolf, you should also do the Peshtigo.

          AW says they are commercially rafted.

          I’d get on the Internet and call  a rafting company.


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            There are three sections on the Wolf River. Section 2 it’s pretty flat with a few decent drops, none above class 3.

            Section 3 is normally ran from Herb’s Landing to the Wild Wolf Inn at the Gilmore’s Mistake. It has some really fun drops and Matsuno approved eddy and ferry opportunities. Class 3.

            Section 4 runs through the Menominee Reservation, there is a fee payable to the tribe for access to the put in and the river. The MWA historically has used Ralph’s as the shuttle but Shotgun Eddie’s is also a good shuttle choice and allows for a few additional drops on the river.

            The Wolf is 70% flat water, 30% rapid with Section 4 having most of the major drops. the short section 3 mentioned above cuts out the majority of the flat water in that section.

            As the Professor pointed out the crown jewel is actually the Peshtigo near Lakewood. Beautiful river, great water, great rapids, at high water it is an epic Northern Wisconsin run.

            There’s a number of lodging options there from camping, cabins, hotels. The Bear Paw and Wild Wolf Inn are closest to Section 3 and is were most of the paddlers stay while up there.

            There are number of MWA friends there that would be happy to help out or paddle along, including a number of MWA Whitewater Championship winners.


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              I asked PaulO to comment on this, as he probably has the most experience on the Wolf.  He’s trying to remember his password…  [okay, looks like he posted!]

              Several of us ran Section 3 of the Wolf a few years ago, from Langlade to above Gilmore’s Mistake, which is a II+-III run.  Some of us stayed at Buettners Motel in Langlade (now appears to be called the Langlade Inn), and put in from their parking lot one day.  We were also able to rent a raft for family members over this section.  The take out is at the “Wild Wolf Inn” (now appears to be Herb’s Wolf River Rafting Bar & Restaurant).  It was a fun river.

              There are also plenty of camping options in the area.

              There is a short section after that, from Gilmore’s Mistake to Otters Slide, and then “Section 4” from Otters Slide to Big Smokey Falls.  These parts require a permit, as they are on Menominee Indian Tribe reservation land, and a shuttle, as parking/access is controlled.  So, more complicated.  Section 4 is a step or two up from Section 3.

              Many years ago, I did the Wolf & the Peshtigo (with Stan Stoy, so, MANY years ago).  Both are definitely worth it, once you’re there, if they are running.

              As the Perfesser sez, check the AW website (and internet).  There is a recent note (July 2019) on AW about what raft companies (where permits are obtained from) are still in biz.


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                I was at the Wolf about three weeks ago. We did a three mile section ending at Gilmore’s Mistake several times.  The put-in is off County M, I think they call it Herb’s (you drive through a soybean field to get to the trail leading to the put-in…but it’s okay).  At around 500-600 cfs it’s a blast.  Some flat water, but not bad.  The surfing waves at Gilmore are really good.  The name of the bar at Gilmore’s has changed to “Crab & Jack’s” (I think). The section below that ends at Big Smokey Falls, I haven’t done in a really long time.  You can still get on there but I’m not currently sure how. Used to be you paid a fee to the tribe and they provided parking and a shuttle.  Peshtigo is a good choice.  The Menomonie R. has whitewater too.  Have fun.  The Grudgeville Bar (Langlade) has good food.  Food and beer are important in Wisconsin.  It’s a lovely area.

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                  There is great place to camp on the Oconto river called Bagley Rapids campground. For a small fee you can camp and play the rapids & ledges in a beautiful pine forest. The stretch is 3/4 miles long (II-III) and you will be located between the Wolf and Peshtigo. It is a good chaser after spending the day on one of the other premier runs and there is still some daylight left.

                  As mentioned before, the Menominee (big water III+) is northeast of the Peshtigo and the Red river just south of the reservation has dam releases from Lower Red Lake on a short I-III section that we used to hit on our way home.

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