• There are three sections on the Wolf River. Section 2 it’s pretty flat with a few decent drops, none above class 3.

    Section 3 is normally ran from Herb’s Landing to the Wild Wolf Inn at the Gilmore’s Mistake. It has some really fun drops and Matsuno approved eddy and ferry opportunities. Class 3.

    Section 4 runs through the Menominee Reservation,…[Read more]

  • It’s got water, lots of water.  The Wolf hasn’t dropped below 1000 cfs in 2 weeks and it rained again over the weekend.  I have to be in Chicago later this week and I’m heading up there Friday morning. Planing on a Wolf III Friday afternoon, Peshtigo Saturday, and some section of the Wolf on Sunday before maybe heading home.  I’ll see how it goe…[Read more]

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