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    The race committee met last week on a Zoom call.  Participants were concerned that volunteer recruiting will still be the major issue with Covid still a factor.  There is no telling what the situation will be by mid-March, but it is doubtful everyone will be vaccinated, immune & ready to go.  So the committee has decided to cancel the Slalom portion of the race for 2021, and tone down the “event” nature, to avoid becoming a virus-spreading event.

    We are continuing to plan for a Downriver race (or races), and possibly a Boatercross event.  The reason this is still on the table is that volunteer involvement is relatively low, and racers are basically maintaining safe distancing.  There is very little gear required, and very little organization involved.  No dumpsters, porta-potties, wires, gates & poles, computers, generators or radios are needed.  The event could be held mid-day, and local racers could be home by the evening if they choose.

    There have been some innovative ideas about the Downriver race, and we’ll continue to consider those, and to monitor the Covid situation as race weekend gets closer.  It is still possible that the entire event will be cancelled based on that assessment, or based on guidance from local or state health authorities, or push-back from ACA or MDOC.

    The event will not be advertised, but we’ll most likely need to do on-line pre-registration.  No band party, volunteer or boat raffles, or banquet is planned for 2021.  Initially no 2021 t-shirt was planned, but that’s being reconsidered now.  (There are plenty of 2020 t-shirts available for sale, by the way.)

    The ISU folks are still planning on making the trip and participating.

    If you have any thoughts on the 2021 race, or want to help out, please contact Aldara at [email protected] or the MWA Board at [email protected].

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