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Update:  Google Maps show the MO Dept of Conservation maintains an area on the Black River called “Lesterville Access”, on County Road 364, south of Lesterville.  See this website for some limited info & a map.  It looks like about a 9 mile float to Highway K.  It’s about a 15 mile, 30 minute shuttle drive (each way) from the Access to Highway K, back through Annapolis.

At Highway K, it appears there are several access points and lots of sandbar areas.  That may be where some of John Kuthe’s  destructive ATVs are operating.

Never been there, but others may have something to say about this.

The Lesterville Access is a mile or so downstream from the Riverside Campground (where the MWA float this weekend will end), so we may be able to take a look at it, for future reference…  Stay tuned.

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