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Alan – we found last year that there are few if any places to put-in on the Black, and no designated “Public access”.  Private liveries have it locked up it seems.  They prohibit private parking at their takeouts or put-ins as well.  There was some talk about putting in right in town, in Lesterville.  There are a number of places where local folks gather (and park?) at the river so there must be some “public” access availability.  On Google maps, you can see multiple places where roads end at the river and it looks like plenty of access, but no telling which ones are private.  Someone from the local area might want to comment here.

MWA is floating next Saturday 9/11 with River’s Edge Campground/Livery, meeting there before 10:30, and taking the bus to the put-in at 11 am.  They haul private kayaks & canoes for a fee, and also rent.

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