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    Freddie Carter

    Looking for a good old MEGA Rocker in good shape. My favorite Creeker. Freddie

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    Sheldon Dale


    Have you tried the Jackson Karma?  Even though it is shaped a little differently than the Mega Rocker, it reminds me of the way a Mega Rocker handles (soft edges, spins easily.)  The volume of the Karma medium is 86 gallons and the Karma large is 103 gallons, so the Mega Rocker was right in between those two at 93 gallons.  The length of the Karma medium is the same as the Mega Rocker at 8’6″, while the Karma large is 9′ long.

    Glad to see you’re still livin’ the dream in the DR.  If you’re ever back in the area, I have a Karma large you are welcome to borrow.


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