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    While boating today we found 3 wires. All ended above big drop. With Greg and Larrys help we were able to remove what appeared to be all of two wires. We cut the third. I am unsure if there may be others still in the river.  The cut end is now behind a rock located above big drop  towards the right side of the middle of the river. The wires are covered with some type of larve and appear dark in color rather than metallic. Use care when boating between the elevator eddy and big drop.             Also note chucks post that if you wish to take out at silvermines you need to park along the side of highway D and exit river right below the bridge. I walked the upstream side of the bridge to the road and it was not to bad. at 5 inches there was barely enough room to float under the old low water bridge -use caution.

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