Why I do not drive to the Saint any longer.

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      Vincent Swoboda
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      Sorry I have missed all you guys since I have not been able to paddle. I still drive a pickup that eats gasoline like nobodies business. I am been avoiding lithium and cobalt  laden batteries used in hybrid vehicles that are mined in great distress to our states beautiful waterways. I am avoiding vehicles that use hydropower electricity because those also destroy our beautiful waterways. However JK, what vehicle I drive is irrelevant to why I have not been paddling.

      I have not been paddling because I had a bad allergic reaction in my hands/ fingers from all the toxic ingredients they put into soaps and hand sanitizers. I have not been able to paddle since last September, but since I now know what I am allergic to and I am healing I expect to be able to get back to paddling in about another month.

      Save some water for me and hope to see everyone again soon on the river.


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      I hear ya Vince! “They” put lots of toxic crap on soaps and hand sanitizers!

      I like and use LazarusNaturals.com’s Full Spectrum CBD Balm, I like the rose scented! 🙂 Feels a little gritty at first, but as you warm it and rub it on the grit disappears and smooths out! Contains Mango Butter, Organic White Beeswax, Organic Fractionated Cocoanut Oil, Rose Oil and Isopropyl Mysteriate.

      I also use Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture in my coffee and sometimes just under my tongue like an after dinner mint for comfort. And I did my Cannabis Nurse cert. attending an INR seminar on “Marijuana and Opiates: Managing the Emerging Crisis” and learned a LOT about cannabis and it’s medicinal uses. Cannabis was in the U.S. Pharmacopeia years ago as a remedy for a great many ailments! Until one supreme jerk Harry J. Anslinger (nephew of some big whig in the U.S. Treasury dept in the 1930s), his rich friend William T. Hearst (who had just purchased some trees in CA for his newspaper/magazine empire) and Du Pont Chemical (who just introduced their new wonder fiber Nylon!) screwed it all up for U.S. 🙁

      John Kuthe…

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