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        Sunday 6/7/15 @ 11:24AM, and I’m just getting out of my house and heading for the Saint!!

        8 inches @ D the gage says!! On the hottest day of the year, they are saying! Up to 90F today!!

        Whew! That water’s gonna feel good, I may have to roll just to cool off!


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          Well, I didn’t even get my hair wet! Thanks again Chuck for the ride up to Millstream. I had the river all to myself at 5 inches on D bridge gage!! Woo hoo!

          Jim Warren: can you send me those pics you took of me on your cell phone in my full Pink and Purple boating regalia in D bridge parking lot?? And I am SUCH a dufus, I should have had you taken when on MY new “digital camera”, an Android HTC Desire 610 phone I FOUND! And coujld not find any identifing info in or on, it was like a brand new one. So I’m using it ONLY as a digital camera, no service at all!! And it takes great pics!!

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            PM your email address to me & I will send you pics. By LG flip phone doesn’t take such good photos tho, and I think the settings were wrong, but you are visible as a pink & purple paddler on pavement.

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              And like I saids, I should have dug out MY “cell phone”, that I use exclusivel;y as a a digital camera. It was in my minivan, I just forgot.

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