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    While we’re waiting for water – something to dream about…

    Awhile back we got an email from S2O Design, announcing the release of their “Whitewater Park Toolkit“.  It’s a well-thought-out approach for a big project like a whitewater park.  Maybe some of you younger folks will have the enthusiasm.  Many of us who’ve been around still have scars from the last attempt.

    One vitally-important thing I’d add to the package to increase the likelihood for success:  Leadership.

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    John Tansil and I worked pretty hard at stopping a lake project upriver between Delassus and Bismarck. The guy promised that they would release on weekends and commercial rafting could become a reality. I view a whitewater park in a similar manner… over natural beauty. No Thanx.

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    Just realized that ANY of our dam spillways could be used- but is there a good one near St. Louis or a population center? I think at one time Lake St. Louis was mentioned.

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