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    Wave Sport Forplay — Good Condition

    Retrofitted with aftermarket Bomber Gear backband. Missing thigh braces, but easy enough to foam out. Normal river rash, no deep gouges or oil-canning.

    Click here for pictures

    In my opinion, this boat is Eric Jackson’s best work for freekstyle slice as his more recent MixMaster design was dumb’d down for the masses. Centralized volume + harder chines = better retentiveness in holes & higher performance all around.

    Click here for video

    Asking $425
    Open to trades …whaddaya got?

    Located in Russellville, Arkansas near Interstate 40.

    Contact: ozarksunset at hotmail dot com

    ***I won’t respond to questions about whether it’s still available because I’ve been contacted that way by too many scammers. I’ll remove the ad promptly after it sells.

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    Price dropped to $375 or trade.

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