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    Was fortunate to get my hands on a new Waka Tuna and take her for a test run out east this weekend.  Coming from a Nomad 8.5, I was excited to jump in a boat with some defined edge and a faster planing hull.

    My first day in it I paddled a high water Watauga.  High volume creeky feel.   Needless to say, I was in over my head.   It felt like the boat was too fast for my own good.  I spent a day missing lines by longshots and many rolls as I acclimated to the edges.

    While my first day in it was unnerving, I spent the next two days on a tamer Wilson Creek.   Here I started to figure out the boat a little better, using the speed to my advantage and carving into eddies like it was my job.

    I will be interested to get this boat on some steeper creek and drops to see what it is made of!  A more in depth review will follow once I know what I am in for!

    For anyone wanting to try a Tuna, feel free to jump in it and give it a whirl down at the saint!


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