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      Steve Kvech
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      Hi. I am a boater from Virginia and will be visiting my wife’s relatives in the St Louis are the first week of June. Naturally the first thing I did when told we were going was to see if there was any whitewater nearby to have an excuse to bring my boat and escape for a day to keep my sanity. I’m a solid III/IV creeker, but never really been boating outside of the Appalachians.

      I’ve read up on the St. Francis. Sounded pretty cool so wondering if this run is worth me hauling my boat and gear with us to Missouri for a day trip and killing my gas mileage? Do folks get on this run mid-week and does it run reliably for the next few weeks at least? Workable day trip from St. Louis? Any intel or recommendations appreciated. Would love to get on a new run and make my “vacation” a little more enjoyable.


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      Welcome Steve, in case you haven’t seen this video I’ve attached below, it gives you a great idea of what its like at lower water. I checked the guage for 2013 and 2014 and in 13 we had a sizable rain during the first week of June and it was runnable but last year it was only runnable the second week of June. I’d keep watching the gauge before you leave and ask what the veterans think if it will be boatable. Its all depending on the amount of rain of course. I’d paddle with you mid week if you decided to bring your boat since I only work 30miles away. There are plenty of people that drive from StL for a day trip. There are two ways to know if its runnable and worth the drive by looking at the top of this forum page and make sure its 0″ or above or keep an eye on this site: and make sure its above 3 foot.

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      Steve: I wouldn’t say the Saint will be running “reliably” the next few weeks. We’re entering the time of the year where the season could be nearly over, or,  as indicated, there are years when we’ve have had some pretty cool father’s days on the Saint.  In other words, it’s a bit of a crap shoot. So just keep watching this site and the gauge as your trip approaches. One thing is for sure: if there is decent water the first week in June there will someone down there for you to boat with.

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      I’d also keep your eye on the rain forecast for Farmington MO, the watershed for the Saint. Some of us thought it was done for the season until we got all that rain last week.

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