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    John Holdmeier

    I put together a short little thing from last weekend. Rory and I hung out around the saint and did laps. Kelly was awesome for driving us around, thanks! Also, thanks to Bling for his cool footage I added. There is some footage in there of slim and is fire rainmaker. I know some of you have been around long enough to remember back to the days when I used to make paddling movies (I think it’s been since I was about Levi’s age…) so I figured now that I am coming up on 30 it’s time to get back in the game! Here is the link.

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    Favorite parts: I love the head checks around 1:19. Very responsible. Good role model.

    Also love seeing the extra boats at 1:49 that you and Rory neglected to bring to 72 for me. Brought a tear to my eye. Very moving.

    But really, excellent job. Great music!

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    Levi Rhodes

    Awesome! Smooth paddling and creative edit!  I like the song too.

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    The Angry Fish trailer got a cameo.  Cool.  Also liked the edit.  What a week that was!  Nate will never forget 6 days on the river for spring break.

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    John Holdmeier

    Thanks guys!

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    Freddie Carter

    Good job Lil Holdmeier …. 30 yikes !! That would make me 60… Was that Kevin “Slim” Olson ? Where does such a svelte guy get all that bacon grease ?? Miss ya’ll, Freddie

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