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    Curtis Elwood

    A teenager from OH just died from a brain-eating amoeba.  It is suspected that she contracted it after falling out of a raft at the Charlotte WW course.


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    Curtis Ahlers

    I won’t believe what the media is saying. I was at the center this week with work. Here is their statement.

    Official Statement – 6/22/16

    Chances are they went swimming somewhere else and got the amoeba. Or else you would hear of others getting it too. If you haven’t been to the center, It’s pretty amazing. You can easily spent a whole day just paddling. Everything from easily drops to big, fast pushy water.  There is also tone of other activities, biking, ropes course, zip line, rock climbing. I haven’t tried the trails yet, but from the number of mtn. Bike riders, I’d say the trails are pretty good.

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    Freddie Carter

    Sounds like they are “fishing” for a deepest pockets lawsuit !

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    Easy to know for sure, test the water. Both at the park and at the park’s water source. Another death happened recently when a woman swam in a lake in Texas. A brain eating amoeba in that case as well.

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    I looked into this a couple years ago, as every year some people die from it.  I believe it is actually a bacteria that feeds off of algae, so it is found in very warm stagnant water.  In most cases water needs to be forced hard up into the sinuses to infect the brain.  It’s creepy that both algae and the brain are high in lipid, so that the bacteria mistakes the brain for its natural food source.

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