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    Greetings –

    I just fished a letter out of the PO Box about the subject project.  See Forest Service Letter & the Topo Map showing the area of improvement.  Basically they are replacing the bridge over Turkey Creek, and moving the trail inland, away from the Saint on the western side of the Day Use Area.

    I don’t have any thoughts about the bridge, and I think a lot of the trail needs replacement.  However, my experience from running the trail periodically for the last 10+ years is the last few hundred yards of the trail, before it takes a sharp turn & goes up-hill, is already elevated & far enough from the river & never floods.  It is also a beautiful section through pine trees.  So to me, about half the trail replacement they are proposing is unnecessary.

    The letter is dated 20 May (I only check the PO Box every month or so), with comments requested by 10 June.  I called them to see if they’ll still take comments, and they will for another week or so (BEFORE END OF JUNE).  Comments can be sent to them by email at:  [email protected]

    It’s possible I have mis-read the map, so I welcome comments by others (Chuck, Di, etc.).

    The Forest Service took my number & the people involved with the plan are going to contact me about it.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

    – jw

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    Ellen’s previous post on this subject:  Turkey Creek Trail


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