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    We just wrapped up a few weeks out west exploring some new runs in California.   Early in the trip, after spending some time in the Kern river drainage, Terry, Levi, Gina and I drove a few hours up to a run we new little about; The Tule River.

    After doing a little research, it became rather clear we were in for a pretty full on / long day on the water.  With only 140 cfs pumping through the granite gorge, I thought to myself, “How long could 2 miles possibly take?”

    After camping at the put in high up in the Sequoia National forest, we made our way to down a short trail to the put in of the run.  We all immediately knew we were in for a treat;   Crystal clear water, 100* temps, and glistening white granite were all we could see!

    The run itself did indeed end up taking us about 5 hours for the 2 miles. With so many horizon lines leading into drops, slides, chutes, etc, we spent the afternoon inching our way down the riverbed, scouting and setting safety on nearly everything.

    After a long but awesome day #1, we camped near the put in and agreed that we would get a second run on it the following day and suspected we’d be able to knock it out much quicker knowing the lines, etc…

    Day 2 rolled around and proved to be on of the best days of kayaking I have ever had;   What took us 5 hours on day 1, we blasted through in under an hour.  Between the group, it was awesome remembering all of the lines, hazards etc and flowing through such a unique California landscape!

    Enjoy a little glimpse into the Middle Fork of the Tule River!




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