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    March 5, instructor trainer Jon Clark, who has re-certified many area instructors including myself, died as a result of a kite boarding accident in the Bahamas. I am certain MO boaters share the same sense of loss of such a talented and selfless individual as the rest of the whitewater world.

    He was in my mind the face of instruction for NOC for many years and entertained us many GAF weekends with his mountain bike mastery as well. RIP, Jon

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    BummerMan! 🙁

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    I got to know Jon really well. In addition to the re-cert, he led, along with Matt Jennings, the 8-day trip I took to Chile in 2004. He also led a week-long course that Stella took at the NOC; she loved paddling with him. Great boater, innovative instructor and tons of fun on and off the water. Really sad news.

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    John Holdmeier

    Jon had such an important impact on so many. The time I got to spend with him during my month of intense instructor training (lead by Jon, Rob and Anne) and years teaching with him at the NOC has forever changed my life for the better. Whether it was our “unplanned” overnight experience on the Chattooga to teach us about being prepared for anything or walking into the instruction fort during a nasty drought to find Jon and Herm riding boats off the roof while spraying a hose with foam taped to the bow of Jon’s Lil Joe (there is video somewhere) Jon was always instigating adventure. Almost all of my favorite photos of myself boating were taken by Jon…he was such an amazing photographer. He was the type to lead by his example and always made me want to better myself to emulate him. Nobody has had more of an impact on the way I think about this sport…Jon will always be present in my thought and approach every time I get to teach someone to paddle. JC wasn’t one of the good ones, he was one of the best.

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    Your note, John, reminds me of a story Stella told. They were at some creek, maybe Wilson’s, and there wasn’t enough water to paddle a particular drop or slide. So Jon suggested they all build a dam. They did. Water back up in the pool above. The kids got in their boats, ready to go for the moment somebody (probably Jon) breached the dam, sending them all, laughing and screaming, down the now flowing drop.

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