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      I cut my teeth on the St. Francis in 1976 and while we have lived in the SE since 1984, we still try to get back during a summer break if the stars all align.  We have not had the opportunity in 7 years but this looks like it could be the year and I am off all next week.  I have reviewed the USGS graph and it appears that the last two spikes in the last month that hit 7.0′ took 9 days to totally fall out where the river reached zero.  So with that said, would anyone want to throw out an educated guess if you think the river will stay above zero all of next week?  It is a long drive and it does limit me to pretty much just MO and AR for my vacation, but I am more than willing to take the gamble to run my first love.  Besides, the Ocoee is running 4900 cfs today and that is not me.

      Don Holden

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