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      jon serfas
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      To Everybody that was there to help Anna and the rest of the Serfas’s, I can’t thank you enough. After falling from a big rock onto another big rock, Anna is hurting but otherwise going to be just fine. She was very lucky to escape greater injury but it was still very scary for her and the kids and me. Having so many concerned friends there made the situation much easier to deal with. The EMTs were great (please continue to have them at the Races). Sarah Watson gets a special thank you for her attention and concern. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their Nurse! Also, Thanks to Ellen for putting all that cardio training to work and running the trail to find me.
      I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I Love You All!

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      Glad to hear Anna is doing well!  Glad we had everyone there on-site, including the ambulance service (and Sarah!).

      Good Lesson Learned for race planning!!

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      Dont know what happened but im glad she is doing good!!

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