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      John Tansil
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      Saturday was not a good day for me at the Saint. At 2 feet over D bridge, 9 of us paddled the Upper and  6 continued on down the Lower…. it should not have included me. I flipped and swam at Cats Paw and didn’t get out til below Double Drop. My last view of my brand new 9R was far ahead without a driver disappearing around the corner. My paddle was also MIA. I climbed the bank to the trail and starting walking downstream with another unfortunate paddler. As we approached Turkey Creek we could see my boat in the distance pinned on a tree. Chris Ward rescued it and then carried it up the really steep bank to the trail! He was aided in this endeavor by Mike Mandl who had walked up from the takeout with throw rope in hand. I started carrying my boat downstream but Crazy Jerry appeared and threatened to beat me up if I didn’t let him carry it….. so I did 😂. After profusely thanking Chris, Jerry, Mike, I drove to Millstream to walk down to look for my paddle. I think this took an hour and really took a toll on my body. The shoreline from Double Drop to Rickety Rack is complex and hard to navigate! With no paddle to be found I was just happy that me and other unfortunate swimmers got out of the river ok and that all but me retrieved their paddles. Thanks CHRIS, JERRY, MIKE … I owe you a meal at the Depot!

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      Michael Dee
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      I just got a message from Di that she found your paddle where I left it, just upstream of Double Drop. All’s well!

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      Glad you are OK . You probably need a new paddle anyway.

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      Thanks for sharing that entertaining story! Seriously though, as I am new to this greatest of all past times it’s nice to know that even seasoned boaters like yourself have bad days and have to rely on good people to save your bacon!! I’m pretty sure every river has really great boaters but the Saint has great boaters that are great people!!

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      Sarah Watson
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      Glad you weren’t hurt, Perfesser!


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