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      Well well, after months of feeling like a sissy sportin’ the Full Face sweet rocker, i am proud to say it finally came in handy!   Over the past few months, I have taken some usual hits to the nogan on various runs.   Most of the hits have been very gentle and seem to skim my head…


      However, things took a turn for the worse of the Poudre Narrows a week or two ago.  One of my buddies was swimming a treacherous stretch of whitewater with me in hot pursuit.

      He vanished over a drop and had yet to resurface as I was coming into the hole a few yards behind him.   Seeing as he had still not resurfaced as I was entering the lip of the drop, I opted not to hit a boof over the hole as I knew it would be only a matter of time before he popped up in the boil / landing zone behind the hole…

      As a result, I plugged the hole and began to get throttled.   As I felt my boat shake loose of the first hole, I went for a roll but noticed my boat quickly accelerating.  As I go my head out of the water, I caught a momentary glimpse of what was to come.  A phat fan rock that water was spewing over and pouring into another drop / hole.

      A moment later, I was still upside down and airborn off the next drop.   BOOM. Hear a loud noise, and a relatively jarring impact before I rolled up, finally go to my buddy, and got us both to shore.

      It wasn’t until later that night that I noticed a monster crack on the side of the helmet and jaw-guard.

      Anywho, long story short, I was a bit humbled by the impact and result of impact BUT very, very fortunate to have been wearing such a valuable piece of safety gear.    For as big of a hit as it was, I suffered no head ache, confusion, etc…

      So, my review of the Sweet Full Face rocker goes like this:   Despite the cost of the helmet, SWEET is renowned for their research and safety standards when it comes to their helmets.   If you plan on running some stuff that packs a punch to the upside down paddler, it is well worth the money.

      I will be replacing the helmet with another without thinking twice about it.

      Stay safe!

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      • This topic was modified 9 years, 1 month ago by CJW4D.
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