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      Ok so i just purchased a freeride 67 and lookin for a good set of hand paddles to be able to put them in boat and try them out when I get used to the play boat (first time in one) could someone tell me what kind they perfer and where they got them theres to many out there to choose I want someone who uses them daily to give me some info on them thanks 618-841-6813

      text or reply to this message thanks again enjoy if ya’ll go this weekend.


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      I like the Riveraholic pro model that have the handle instead of the webbing for the fingers.  I like to be able to “let go” with the fingers (there’s still a strap over the wrist).  They are cheaper to buy directly from the company, but take longer to ship.

      There are other brands that people like for various reasons, but can’t remember any other names now.  Maybe they’ll post.  I know the topic has come up before.




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