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      Greetings –

      The Race Committee is meeting next week to talk about what went right and what didn’t go so well for the 2015 MWC.  As we have done the last few years, we make a list of Lessons Learned so we can make improvements for the next year.  Okay, that sounds a lot like work, but somebody has to do it…

      So here is one chance for YOU to get involved in the process.  Submit your thoughts, complaints, complements & suggestions by email to:   We are interested in any aspect of the event, from event info, registration, set-up, racing, banquet, awards, raffles, etc.  However, we were there too & already know the weather was sub-standard, so you can hold your thoughts on that.  Also, we can’t control the water level!  But anything else, feel free to chime in.  We’ll discuss any inputs at the meeting next week.  We are going to discuss the Downriver (& other) classes, being debated already on the message board.

      Note that this activity is to reflect on THIS YEAR’S RACE.  There will be plenty of opportunities later this year to get involved in planning NEXT YEAR’S RACE, our 50th.  So stay tuned.

      Thanks for your help.

      – jw

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      Thanks for all the great comments.  We met last night and are working on lessons learned now.  We’ll have it ready as planning starts on the 50th MWC.  All that info will be turned over to the 50th race committee, who ever that is!

      Seriously, we need some new faces on the committee, as there are several jobs vacant for 2017.  Plus, we must do some things early, especially develop a Race Logo / T-shirt design or whatever else we’ll need to appropriately recognize the event.

      You can volunteer, and continue to send suggestions, etc., by email to race  Thanks!

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      I could possibly try an attempt at making a logo if ya’ll are ok with it ill just send ya a rough draft if I do attempt it… As I created our design. If anyone has input on what they would like to have included in the design please feel free to email me with ideas.  As I would kind a need a baseline to go off of so it’s not too far fetched ..


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      Costume contest.

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      I second the motion.  A few years back Josh Miller and I joked about wearing one of those big foam cowboy hats and a big star for safety boating!  “It funny cause it’s just like a regular cowboy hat…but bigger” Turd Fergison

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