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    When Di and I got to the dam, and shouldered our boats to go around it, there were 2 new ‘No Trespassing’ signs on either side of the trail. I get the distinct impression it was meant for us (boaters) as how would any other ‘trespassers’ get there?

    It was cloudy/drizzly and working hours so no one came running up to stop us- but I thought I’d let people know that maybe that is a possibility.

    I can’t imagine why they would be so mean about it. I’ll do some asking around.

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    Ha, Looks like Terry ran it just in time!  I wasn’t down there, but heard he checked that one off the list today!!

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    Any suggestions on running Lower Stouts in the mean time?

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    Yeah! I saw the film. Did he really check depth AFTER he went over?  LOL

    George- Di and I have lake privileges from Penuel as we make yearly donations. Not sure if that applies to the dam or not. In the past Day Spring Bible Camp has been friendly. I may go to them and see if I can make a donation.

    While I’m not sure how lucky Terry was- there’s rocks and rebar down there at the bottom, it may be that we will just go over the dam from now on…..

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    Cody spoke with one of the property managers on the lake and he allowed us access to park and go check it out for a short period today, seemed friendly enough but let us know what you hear Chuck? Certainly don’t want to ruffle any feathers!

    Rest assured Id checked the depth before haha just wanted to triple check for peace of mind

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    I figured you had LOL. You have done way too many waterfalls to make a mistake like that. You may have done us all a huge favor by showing it’s possible. I’ll talk to Killarney and Dayspring in the future.

    I have begged the club to make a $100 donation to Penuel yearly which would be good for all. But no dice.

    Congrats! Now PLEASE do Rocky Falls all the way to the Current R and save an old man from breaking bones!

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