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      Hey kids, just took delivery of a sexy new boat in factory packaging.  Sooo stoked!

      I have been looking at stern flotation and am looking to purchased stern float/stow bags.  The only two I have been able to find online without loosing concentration and ending up on kayaking videos are the NRS  Hydrolock Kayak Stow and the Watershed Futa Float bag.  Can anyone offer any input on these two stern, stow/floats or would you possibly have any input on another model I haven’t located?


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      Bill Fordyce
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      I have the Futa. Tough material, 12 years old, and it still does the job—clothes/food/first aid stay dry 100%.  You prolly won’t go wrong with either one, but my money’s on the Futa.

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      Sheldon Dale
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      I had a pair of the gray NRS float/storage bags and the inflation tubes dry rotted, causing them to leak and eventually break. Also, the valves slipped out of the tubes occasionally. If NRS has changed their tube material, they might be OK. They were probably 5 or 6 years old when I started having problems with them.

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