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    First, what a great weekend on the river.  Beautiful weather and awesome water level.  If you happened to see a shiny  new Paddle-cat cruising down the river, it was a Star inflatable “Slice”  I did not get the chance to paddle it, however, it got some great reviews by Dennis and several others who did.  Several veteran cataraft paddlers checked it out and said it was on par if not better than anything they have paddled.  Monster main tubes, two huge dry compartments and it looks bomb proof, fit and finish were first class.  I have been looking for something to take the wife and kids down the river in and I’m sold.  I ordered mine about an hour ago.  If you are interested, give Mike a call at 1-877-900-2628.  Let him know you are a member of MWA and drop my name.  He is giving us a discount.  MSRP – is $1645.00    MWA discount – $1480.00.  Mike said they have all colors in stock and ready to ship.

    With Shipping mine was $1505.00.  Shipping today and should be before the weekend, can’t wait…

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    That’s awesome Kelly! For the poor folk like myself, I bought this for around $110 at academy and used it on the upper saint and big creek and had a good time. I bought it specifically for the Nantahala mem day weekend instead of renting a ducky for $90 a day.

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    Dennis Jones

    You’re gonna love it Kelly, Michelle and I were able to catch most of the eddies and surf most of the waves we do in our hard boats.

    I would have no issues at all with taking a complete novice or two down the Saint at most sane levels.

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    Thanks for posting this!  I just called Mike today, and was thinking of checking one of these out this weekend during Southeast Trip.  Didn’t even think to mention the MWA.  Also, he told me that they can be demoed, and they also sell them at Rock Creek Outfitters which is at the Ocoee.


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    Hoping we get enough rain today to bring Saint up in double digits at least.
    Jace and I are wanting to try out our new Slice. Anyone have recommendation on minimum level to go down in one of these?

    Dennis – Are you just using your normal canoe paddles.  I paddled it by myself a really short distance while we are at the Nantahala, using a cheap outfitter style canoe paddle.  It seemed pretty insufficient.

    1st Run Down the Nantahala Falls


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    Dennis Jones

    We’ve done at 14″ & it was fine.  There’ll be more than that tomorrow. I’m using a good 60″ canoe paddle, a little longer wouldn’t hurt but it’s what I have.

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    Sheldon Dale


    Your video doesn’t show up for me. Is it on YouTube?

    Also, what did you have to do to set up a demo?


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    It was just a Photo taken at top of Nantahala Falls.  Wish I would have taken my GoPro when we had big water a couple weeks ago.  Took Jace down the Saint at 36″.  It was a LOT OF FUN.

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    Bad Apple! I received a email from Mike Meyer’s yesterday. He wanted me to notify the club that he will no longer be giving the discount. Star has 3 retailers that sell their equipment. Due to someone trying to haggle on price with a retailer and they finding out the price difference between the two. I hate that we lost this because of the amount of friends in this club that where putting money back to purchase a raft. But , do not let this discourage you from still purchasing this well built product. I personally did not receive the discount with my purchase. Those that did so be it. SYOTR

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