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      Sign Up Now for the 2016 Sunday Evening, Winter Pool Practice at the South County YMCA

      This is open time in the pool to bring your boat and practice your braces, rolls, strokes, rescues, and playboating moves during the Winter months, so you are ready when that cold water saint water hits you in the face. See details below for this ACA sanctioned event. If you are interested, send me an email at and and I will send you my address enabling you to mail me your ACA# and a check for our YMCA fees. Please send your message to both emails to ensure a more rapid response from me.

      The South County YMCA has started a swim practice that interferes with our previous years, time schedule, so we are going to try something a little different this year. Every <u>other</u> Sunday our session time will be from 6-10 pm instead of 4-8 pm. Since we have traditionally had the 4-6 time slot for families, I don’t want to have them come from 8-10 with the little kids. Therefore this year we will use the entire 4 hour time each week as open to individuals and families. If we somewhat stick to our old routine we should avoid crowding, but I like the flexibility this gives to our Sunday schedule’s. See the details for the new schedule below.

      January 3 4-8 pm
      January 10 6-10pm
      January 17 4-8pm
      January 24 6-10pm
      January 31 4-8pm
      February 14 6-10pm
      February 21 4-8pm
      February 28 6-10pm

      Where: South County YMCA, 12736 Southfork Rd. 63128 (near 270 and Tesson Ferry)

      Cost: $25 for a single whitewater kayak or $40 for a family or sea kayak. Also, for insurance purposes, you need to be an ACA member. (If you are not currently an ACA member, you can purchase a membership by joining the MWA or you can purchase a 6-month ACA membership for $15.) If for some reason you need to cancel at the last minute, your money will be refunded provided there is someone else to take your place.

      Looking forward to hearing from you as we kick off the new paddling season.

      CT Mike

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      THANKS CT MIKE! for setting up the pool sessions again this year.  This is a terrific time to practice rolls in the dead of winter, and it gives me some confidence in retaining my skills.  Plus I got to try out my new paddle before hitting the river.  Only made a few sessions this winter, but well worth it.  THANKS AGAIN!!


      – jw

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