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    Paige wanted to go on a tube float last weekend down at Van Buren, so we went down and braved the crowd.

    If you don’t like to be around a bunch of drunk people don’t go there, but hey I didn’t mind so much.

    I decided to take the slice, and I would carry the cooler.  Got to the put-in, started to inflate, and started noticing I had to re-inflate the left pontoon.  Started checking it out, and found a hole I could stick my thumb in.  Best I can tell is a mouse got in my shop and decided to chew on my Slice.  Had it wrapped up in a tarp with bungees around it and up off the floor on a mobile cart.  Take care of you gear my friends!

    Anyway in the middle of all this crap, I found out that I have two foot pumps.  One was stored in my boat, and the other was with the boat on the tarp.  So one of you, I assume, are missing your pump.  Probably Dan Prater.

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    That is a bummer. Sorry to hear Jason.

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