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      Sarah Watson
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      Upon learning of this issue, Garrett Bentley emailed MWA leadership to spread the word among Midwestern whitewater boaters.

      “Hi all,
      I recently went to a Chota Canoe club meeting and apparently the contract on the Ocoee is expiring in 2019.  There is a possibility that the raft guide companies won’t be able to pay the increased cost that TVA is going to charge them and we could see reduced releases on the Ocoee in a couple of years.  The Ocoee River Council is working on fighting the increased cost and trying to have the Ocoee declared a recreation area.

      Since this is the MWA home away from home river, I thought it would be relevant to send the info to you in the event the club or its members want to get involved.  Below is the link to Chota’s page about the issue if you want to find more of the details.


      More recently the Tennessee General Assembly has passed a resolution in support of Ocoee recreation; encouraging TVA, Congress, Tennessee State Parks, and other involved parties to reach a solution (that has at least as many recreational release days) by December 2016. Below are several websites with more information on this topic.



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      Freddie Carter
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      There would be one Helluva Fued !

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