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    Gary Clark

    Hey! Coming down for the weekend. Going to get my PFD on the St. Francis. Coming with another boater. Anyone else planning on running it Saturday/Sunday that can show me the lines? Looking forward to it!

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    hey Gary,

    I’ll be down at D bridge @ noon tomorrow and plan to get a few laps in.

    Would be more than happy to show you down as well.

    Chris W

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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks again for your help yesterday! As I drove home, I was trying to figure out how I cut my finger, and I think there’s a chance I might have done it adjusting your bulkhead. Just as that thought occurred to me, I realized I hadn’t adjusted it back–sorry about that. I moved it two spots forward on the left and one or two on the right.

      Hope to see you again on the river soon. I’ll have all the cords in my boat replaced by then!

      By the way, I drove home without incident–I think my run of bad luck (knock on wood!) is past!


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        All good Michael Dee! Happy I could help yesterday.  Thx for the note RE: bulkhead… I knew something felt a little different today!

        see you on the river!

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    Gary Clark

    Thanks Chris!

    unfortunently the rest of the crew is backing out, supposed to thunderstorm or something  so I’m not going to make it. Well have to do it sometime soon. Thanks again!

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    Hope to meet the group at noon!


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