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      Michael Goforth
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      Wanted to share this video circulating around the WW community. Novice boaters should be continually reminded to respect the rivers they paddle, understand the power of moving water, and realize their limits. As experienced boaters it is our duty to inform and instruct new paddlers to dangers that are very real on our rivers.

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      Don Dufaux
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      In the lower left corner of this video is the title “my buddy was an idiot”…  I will withhold judgement on that, but the guy in the red helmet and orange dry top was definitely a HERO.  Good thing he was there.  I have witnessed similar events more than once at our own D bridge, and the memory is enough to cause nightmares.  Steer clear of low water bridges and low head dams.  Thanks for posting.

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      i dont see the video. am i missing something?

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