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    jon serfas

    I hope some of you can express your feelings on Freddie’s passing. I am having a hard time of it, just now.

    Rest in Peace, Tio Freddie. The Serfas Clan loves you always.

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    I will miss Freddie! This news came as a shock. He touched a lot of lives.

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    I am also having a very hard time of it, very shocked and saddened by the news.

    I have many, many, many (pillows?) memories of paddling and travelling with my buddy Freddie over the years.  From the Saint to the Wolf to the Ocoee and Tellico and beyond.  Our 2003 trip to the DR, with Freddie as tour guide, is one of the highlights of my life, I saw so many places and things that I would never have experienced on my own (and at least a couple that I wouldn’t have wanted to !?!).  I can’t begin to count the number of Southeast trips where Freddie kept everyone in stitches, on the river and off.  So many stories…  Really hard to put much into words right now…

    I guess we kind of lost touch over the last few years, but it was always good to know you were out there tearing up the Yaque del Norte.  Glad I at least got to talk to you a couple times in the last few months, but I wish we had gotten the chance to make one last “No Eddy” run down the Saint together, bottle of rum (or maybe a diet Dr. Zhivago?) waiting at the take-out.  Voy a extrañarte, hermano.  I’ll miss ya, buddy!

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    I haven’t been on this site for awhile and am saddened to read of Freddie’s passing. He had one of those larger than life personalities, was welcoming to me during my early years on the Saint and always made a day on the river more fun. Although he went too soon I’m thinking that Freddie probably squeezed more living into his time on this earth than most people who die old.

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    I will have a “pirate punch” for my friend, Pirate Freddie!!! ARRRRRR!!!!!

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