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    Watch the Gauge!


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    Di and I will be there about 11 am.

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    I SHOULDA come down today!


    I think I need to stop kayaking. I could not even stand up after getting out of my 007 at D yesterday! And forget my Last Surf ritual, I was DONE, having gotten PINNED when hit the high eddy river right at Last Surf and luckily one of my boating partners pulled me and my 007 back and out of it, else I would have flipped! In -6 inches of bloody water! 🙁

    That rain in Farmington I drove through yesterday noonish took FOREVER to get downriver! 🙁 I boated the Saint Thurs at -6 in between two days, Wed=5″ and Fri= 11″!  🙁

    I can’t get anything right! 🙁

    John Kuthe…

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    Matt Worobec

    Level was about 5 inches this morning.  Put on at 10am till about 12:15ish.  Glorious Sunny Day. Paddled with Bob Kellogg and Chris Gagnon.  Lots of playing and surfing on a perfect day.  No Snakes.  We all had play boats.  All Daggers.  Good day. Boating in August. Hell Yeah!!

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