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    When we left at 3 pm the reading at D was 2″. The gauges are pretty close now thanks to Jim and Doris clearing the river below D bridge.

    The river is holding very well and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still boatable over next weekend.

    The trail is in great condition with all the briars being cut back.

    60 degrees and sunny tomorrow according to weather.wrong.

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    Just had a Random thought Chuck,

    What is the Record (Saint / Other River) runs for one year?

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    LOL. I don’t know. My numbers represent Days- not runs. Too complicated otherwise. For instance. If Di and I go from Syenite to D, or the back of our house down Stout’s to D, how many “runs” is that? Plus in younger days when I was training for team trials or world cup, I might do five downriver runs in a day.

    I would guess when Di and I were heavy into distance racing we probably had 70 or 80 “other” days. And typically I almost always get 100 days on the saint.

    So it’s just days…I’d bet there are some guys who’ve done a bunch of “runs” this year! Jerry and Jim come to mind!

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      I got 3 Millstream runs in one day in, back in the Spring of 2003! If you count the moonlight run I did in my black 007 with Fireman Larry and one other on his black Shredder! Black boats ruled the night! 🙂

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    The gauge Thursday was 1″ and beautiful weather. It will be minus Sat but warm. Anyone boating Sat?

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      See you at D at 10 tomorrow. Kathy

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    Kathy, I was planning on boating tomorrow. Meet you at D Bridge at 10am?

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