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    I talked to Mr Wooten again. I’d bet that during the conversation he mentioned that he had been putting wire up for ages at least 6 times- same story- word for word. In this situation I am prone to believe they are protesting too much, and perhaps he is trying to convince himself as well as me.

    Anyway, the wire will still be up. But he agreed to put up non-barbed wire. (I asked him if he needed 12 gauge wire). This is a big improvement. I also offered to go with him to look at the site so as to make a clean landing area to take out and goi under his fence, to which he basically refused. I even told him WE would do the work,

    Bottom line- I still don’t understand why he doesn’t use a system where he can keep the wire pulled back, only stretching it in place and using it when he needs to. He has cross fences on either side to control his cattle.

    A thought to ponder- he also feels sure that soon other landowners will use his example and also put wire across Stout’s.


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    Thank you for your attempt at a diplomatic resolution. Can’t change some people.

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