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    Ok gang as Jim says it’s time to plan for the race weekend.  Please let’s get all you certified SWR people involved, it’s a good time to practice skills.  For those of you who want to learn Swift Water Rescue come work along side the team and learn some skills.  Remember the more members helping means a chance for a break.  We have fun plans for this year, so come on get involved.  If you want to help out contact me at.

    [email protected]

    cell is 618 499-7961

    Or just jump on this message board


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    Id like to come and learn a few things. Ill be keeping my eyes peeled for a time and date.

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    If you are interested in joining the SWR and learn skills then I  have a couple of requests,  if you are planning on boat rescue then have at least a roll and class 2+ boat skills.  If you are wanting to do rescue swimming then have a Rescue PFD with quick release, and proper cold water gear.  I will have a couple extra on site if anyone wants to use.  If Contact me if you have any questions.

    The MWA paddlers are lucky to have such team of trained individuals, taught by world best instructors.


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    Ladies Swiftwater Rescue is not a boys only club,  we need you involved cause someone gotta save us when we do something  crazy, including Paula.  So come join us, practice some skills at the races.  And I  know some of you have taken classes, if your not racing let me know.

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    I’m in!  Time off from the grind has been approved.  Keep me posted.

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