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    Tuesday’s Race Meeting went okay.

    In summary, we are going to plan to have our “full” race as “Plan A”, following the Friday Downriver, Sat-Sun Slalom, Sun Boatercross format we’ve used since 2017. Plan B, in case Covid or some other aspect causes us to reduce the scope, will be to do a Downriver-only race like 2021 (TBD if we’d have multiple events like 2021). Plan C = Cancel it all, like 2020. We will make a decision by MARCH 5 (one week before scheduled wire setup) if we need to replan. That way we won’t have to put up, and then take down, unused wires. It should be obvious by March 5 which way things are going.

    We have a few gaps in positions for the Race Committee which we are working on.

    We plan to have Concessions (VFW), portapotties, dumpster, t-shirts, Sales Table, etc.

    Note the following changes are expected for 2022:

    – Probably no boat raffle this year (Sorry Jerry!).  Boats are not readily available.  However, PerryW is working on it.

    – ZachM from SLU will coordinate the Volunteer Raffle, with help from Chuck & Di (Ironton/Fredericktown).  We’ll be asking paddlers/members to contribute a new item to the Raffle (some already do that).

    – We will have music & beer at the Riverside Pavilion after the Downriver (on Lower Saint).  We might not be able to arrange food at the Friday night event, but the team is working on that.  Maybe “BYO Food”.

    – Planning for a Saturday Night Banquet, possibly an outdoor space – may reduce attendance to ~80.  TBD

    – We plan to add/return a “Collegiate Cup” and Collegiate Class, for students (SLU, ISU & others?)

    – We will use leftover 2020 medals with a 2022-specific plate on the back.

    – We expect to run into issues finding volunteers after 2 years “off”.  We’ll encourage paddlers to recruit family members.

    – We have some volunteers for the Canoe Lift but may need help setting it up.  Working on it.

    If you have questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or ideas, please address them to [email protected]


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    Missouri Whitewater


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