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      Levi Rhodes

        -Custom cut foot block for comfortable comfort

        -Drink holder strap included, but you have to go find it in the river

        -I’m 140 lbs and I’m not too heavy for it

        -Boofs like gravity is a law meant to be broken

        -Intentionally slightly worn hull for weight reduction

        -Very forgiving creek boat/river runner (“What hole?”)

        -Black and lime green color scheme doesn’t just turn heads, it breaks necks

        -Your favorite part of your fleet for $650

        Taking caller number 10 at 573 382 1076


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          Dang I was caller number 8. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be haha If I would instantly become as good as you I would maybe try to lose 50 pounds to match your body weight and buy this. Maybe these specs will help you sell it even though a quick google search will find them too.

          Length 8’4″, Width 26″, Volume 74 gallons, Weight 46.3lbs, Optimum paddler weight 99-176lbs.

          Good luck with the sell Levi.

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          Levi Rhodes

            Dan, muscle weighs more than fat, you brawler, you. Keep rocking the Karnali, you’ll get your feel for it.  Thanks for the help!

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            Levi Rhodes

              Bump. $600.

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              John Tansil

                I feel the need to chime in here.  I bought my Shiva Small after borrowing Levi’s boat.

                I’m at the top end of the weight range at 175 lbs but this IS my “go to” boat.

                I paddled a medium Mamba before getting the small Shiva.  The Mamba is more maneuverable than the Shiva but the Shiva is faster and gets you through the gnar better than the Mamba.

                If you’re looking for a creeker in your weight range, this is an excellent choice.

                — jt

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                Levi Rhodes

                  $500 or make an offer!  Gotta freshen the fleet a bit.

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