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      Levi Rhodes
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      Hello friends!  I’ve been paddling Pyranha’s most recent creeker, the Machno, since May and have been very happy with it.  Here’s why:

      The boat stays on top. The boat is fast. The boat can carve, yet is very forgiving.

      The bow rocker is unstoppable.  More and more companies have been learning that more rocker in the front rather than back keeps the bow of the water, and the boat high and dry as you cruise over holes. The Machno’s predecessor, the 9r, really exaggerated this concept and dialed it in resulting in speed that stayed on top. They learned from it and made the Machno with that idea in mind but with a tad more stearn rocker for an easier boof. The bow rocker is even greater with the Machno and that, combined with its width and volume, will keep you from “subbing out”. The bow also has a very pronounced crown, or ridge, which runs along the center of the deck like an A-frame roof. If you do manage to get the bow underwater, it resurfaces very quickly and predicably. Another fun feature of the bow – Pyranha’s wave deflectors… simple, but they work wonders.

      When I was looking into getting this boat, I expected the massive rocker to make it a slow boat. I expected every one of my paddle strokes to make the boat bob up and down like a boofing machine typically would. However, the boat is very fast, and the energy of my strokes are spent to keep the boat moving forward.

      If you are coming from a narrow boat, like an rpm, or a 9r, or maybe a smaller playboat, you will find the Machno to be very stable. It has a semi-planing hull with an edge, but no defined chine. It surfs and carves, but the edge is high enough out of the water to be forgiving when you don’t engage it. The edge is also soft enough to not be commanded by rocks, like a true creeker.

      The Machno features Stout2 outfitting, which is not as easily adjusted as Stout1, but is much more comfortable, connected, and reliable. The boat is available in 3 sizes: S, M, L. I weigh 145, paddle a M just fine, but have a buddy at 150 who prefers the S and rocks it out.

      I love my Machno and have taken on my biggest challenges yet in it’s seat.  It’s a shred sled for sure, and is going to be a hard one to beat.  Holler at me if you want to float it. Cheers.



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      Freddie Carter
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      Jackson Rocker series knew it a long time ago !!

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      jeff clawges
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      Got mine last week!



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      Freddie Carter
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      I have a Machno down here on the Island. I like it more than my Burn III , but I will always love my MEGA Rocker. Sitting unused in a storage locker in the midwest ! I will get it here this summer…

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