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    Levi Rhodes

    You might be able to talk me into selling my 9r.  Maybe. I’ve had it since August (brand new) and have been loving it dearly, but there’s a new boat I’ve had my eye on. I can’t decide whether or not I want to give up my beloved 9r,  but 700 of your dollars might help me make up my mind. Color is teal/purple/white with custom red vinyl racing stripe. It’s pretty.  No major damage, the hull is obviously used but in great shape.  Currently outfitted for smaller paddlers, but will float a decent sized beer belly….

    – Levi

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    What size medium or large?

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      It is a medium, Julie

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    Levi Rhodes


    …to my girlfriend, which is great because I still get to paddle it.  I really didn’t want to part with my 9r but I can’t keep them all (kinda).


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