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      I’ve seen multiple posts saying they don’t know how to post pics so thought I’d show the way I do it. I’m sure its not the ONLY way depending what type of phone or computer you are using but I am on a Chromebook right now using the Google Chrome browser and have an Android 4.4.4 phone that I have to use Firefox on. I upload my pics to photobucket.

      1. First go to and click on the picture you have uploaded and want to include in a post.

      2. Find the icon above the picture that looks like two chain links.

      3. That pops up a window and you copy the address under the Direct link.

      4. Come back to MWA and paste that link before or after your text. If you click on the picture of Johnt, it will take you to the race pics that you can scroll through. Some of CrazyJerry,  Joe Sartori and others.

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      There are alternatives to photobucket that don’t require registering for an account or linking any facebook profiles. One is imgur. Just go there, click the big “upload images” button at the top, and browse, drag, or paste your image from your computer. Once it’s done you’ll see a page with the image on it and a panel on the right titled “Share this image”, with a field called “Direct Link” and a button to copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste it here in the forums.

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      Jason Robinson
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      Not trying to annoy anyone, but this is a test from Google Photos

      1. Put your image in Google Photos (assuming you have an account, it will auto back-up all your photos from you PC or phone)

      2. Right click your image, open in new window

      3. Right click image in new window, select copy image address

      4.  On MWA message board click “Insert / Edit Image”

      5. Right Click in source field of pop-up window and select paste

      6. Finished


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      Nathan Schandl
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      NICE! I was able to add pictures by uploading pics to Imgur, then posting the “direct link” into the “source” field on the MWA website within the box that pops up when you click on the picture icon! My kayak trailer for sale post on the gear exchange tab now looks much better! — Thank you so much!

      Dagger Nate —

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